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ALL NEW Delta Map Now Available!
Now printed on non-rip / waterproof synthetic paper!


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3 Reasons why to buy this Delta Map

15 years of research and information generated by local businesses, organizations, fishermen and people that live here in the Delta!

Printed on non-rip / waterproof paper, everything is totally current on this map including depth data, marina info, restaurants, caution areas, fishing spots, fuel locations, boat repair, and more...

Sponsored by the Rio Vista Chamber, this map helps support local Delta business and these businesses help support this map!


Why buy a map when you already have a smart phone map app?

  • Does your phone display the depths? Crucial to boating in the Delta. Its very different than boating on a lake, a majority is only 5ft deep, for some boats low tide depth info is a make it or ground it situation.

  • Does your phone give you the channel marker numbers? Another crucial bit of info that will help you get a baring as to where you are… much of the Delta all looks the same, hence why many get lost.

  • Does your phone provide all the caution areas and sandbars, super crucial to saving your boat from damage and preventing injury.

  • Does your phone tell you where all the hot fishing areas are and what fish you can expect to catch there? Both shore and by boat hot spots are included.

  • Does your phone tell you where the awesome and SAFE places to Kayak are?

  • Does your phone float if you drop it in the water? Hard to see your map when its at the bottom of the river :)

  • Does your phone tell you at a quick glance which restaurants are on the water with guest docks? Great when you get hungry.

  • Does your phone tell you at a quick glance where you can get boat fuel? Another life savor bit of info when it's needed.


Whether your boating or just driving around the CA Delta region you NEED a map!

Buy a Delta map.


"These maps are selling like hot cakes in the store… we have already sold out on our last shipment! Kelli, you have created a masterpiece, I hope you have plenty… we will need them."

— Nikki - Snug Harbor, Isleton


About the

Kelli grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent every summer boating in the California Delta with family. At age 21 she bought her first boat and has since been cruising the California Delta waterways for 30+ years.  During the early 80's she started her carrier in commercial arts and cartography. She now owns a successful Marketing Agency.  Kelli was thrilled to combine both her hobby with her profession by creating one of the best selling maps in the California Delta Region... the California Delta Boating Map & Visitors Guide.