Visit Historical Locke, CA - via Boat or Car

Locke, which is also known as the Locke Historic District, is regarded as a community and also California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta which was built by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century. It is a district that was originally called Lockeport after a man called George Locke. He owned the land on which the town was built at a time when the Chinese people were blocked from owning land. This is a District that is situated in an agricultural region, south of Sacramento, California near State Route 160 and which was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1971. It was further designated as a National Historic Landmark District in the year 1990 and because of its unique example in regards to a historic Chinese American rural community.

Locke is a district that is unique and interesting. When a fire blew up near Walnut Grove in 1915, Locke quickly became a Chinese cultural centre because the Chinese who lived in that area established it as a place of their own. It is a city in the US that was built by and for the Chinese people and at its peak, it consisted of between 600 and 1500 people. Today, this city boasts of a populace of about 80 residents and because of that, it is quiet and small characterised by old and rusty buildings with abandoned bobs and bits.

If you are interested in visiting Locke by boat, you will need to park your boat at the renovated Walnut Grove Public Dock (very safe) and walk into Locke via River Rd. (About an 5 minute walk)

There’s a Chinese school that remains open today, established in the year 1929. It hosts Chinese calligraphy lessons, a culture shop, museums and an old boarding house, which is now used as a visitor’s centre. There are also some restaurants and a monument that memorializes the Chinese workers who participated in building the railroad, agriculture and levees.

Another point of interest is Al the Wop’s, which was established in the year 1915. It’s a bar and restaurant that’s usually open seven days a week and it specifically specializes in pasta and steak, oh and libations of course, after all its part of the Delta. Al’s is a bar where you’ll find a unique collection of bikers, locals, farmers, boaters and a hefty supply of delicious and fairly stiff cocktails, oh... and an excellent selection of beers (on tap & bottle). The menu itself is pretty minimal and includes pasta with “red or white sauce,” but you’ll soon learn a good ol' steak is the standard. Another highlight to Al the Wops is the dollar bills on the ceiling (shown below in the left photo).  So how do you get your money tac'd to the ceiling? You'll have to visit to see... You would NEVER guess how its done! Hint: you actually do it yourself, no ladders. 

Accessing Locke city is pretty easy; you can get there by car or boat so make plans to visit the California Delta while at it. In the event that you want to visit Delta ghost towns, acquiring a map of the California Delta will get you there. Regarding ghost towns, some people think that actual ghosts do exist and that they will get to see them. Well, you need to visit and experience the intrigue it offers together with its charm for yourself!

There is also a visitor’s guide of the California Delta that you can acquire upon entering the historical Locke, California Delta. It is both a map of the entire Delta Region as well as a Visitors Guide in Caricature Style (it can also be purchased online at:  This map will make your adventure to the Town of Locke certainly more pleasurable as you might find yourself stopping at other must see towns and landmarks along the way, also listed on the Delta Map.

In case you’re not familiar with the town and you want to know more about Delta travel destinations, visiting with a tours and Travel Company will accord you the best in regard to awesome destinations. Locke enjoys the attention because of its authenticity, out of the way charm and the fact that it is unusual where its town and cultural centres are concerned. This is a place where you can visit with a group of friends or family and have fun, while also enjoying the beautiful scenes and intrigue that Locke town offers. It’s fun if you visit the town by boat, learn about the city and the ghosts. Make plans to visit today and you will be glad that you did!

How to Find the Town of Locke by Car

From The Bay Area
Take Hwy 24 to Concord
Turn on Hwy 242
Then to Hwy 4 East to Pittsburg, Antioch
Got on Hwy 160 to Walnut Grove
Locke is 1/2 mile north of Walnut Grove

From Sacramento
Take Hwy 5 South
Exit at Twin Cities Road and turn Right
Turn Left (South) on River Road
Stay on River Road about 2 miles, Locke is on the left of River Road

Travel there by Boat:
If you are interested in visiting Locke by boat, you will need to park your boat at the renovated Walnut Grove Public Dock (very safe) and walk into Locke via River Rd. (about a 10 minute walk). 

You can access the Town of Locke via 5 Rivers: