Why Buy a Delta Map when you already have a Smartphone Map App?


A question I am often asked!

There is an excellent argument for that question! There’s just nothing like a nautical chart, especially in an area as unique as the California Delta!

  • Does your phone display the depths? Crucial to boating in the Delta. Its very different than boating on a lake, a majority is only 5ft deep, for some boats low tide depth info is a make it or ground it situation.

  • Does your phone give you the channel marker numbers? Another crucial bit of info that will help you get a baring as to where you are… much of the Delta all looks the same, hence why many get lost.

  • Does your phone provide all the caution areas and sandbars, super crucial to saving your boat from damage and preventing injury.

  • Does your phone tell you where all the hot fishing areas are and what fish you can expect to catch there? Both shore and by boat hot spots are included.

  • Does your phone tell you where the awesome and SAFE places to Kayak are?

  • Does your phone float if you drop it in the water? Hard to see your map when its at the bottom of the river :)

  • Does your phone tell you at a quick glance which restaurants are on the water with guest docks? Great when you get hungry.

  • Does your phone tell you at a quick glance where you can get boat fuel? Another life savor bit of info when it's needed.

The California Delta Map is printed on non-rip, waterproof synthetic paper! No more ripped maps in the wind, a map that lasts a life time AND if it fly’s out of the boat… it WILL float :)